About Us






The Bimmer Shop is family owned and operated. We’ve been opened  for close to 30 years. We are an Automotive Mechanic’s Shop that can service any of your Electrical, Diagnostics and Maintenance needs. We specialize in repairs for one of the nation’s top automotive brands, BMW. If you’re a BMW owner, you not only have good taste, you have an automobile that requires only the best in the business for repairs. Bimmer Shop is your answer for getting quality of work done at a reasonable price. That’s why we are your “Out of Warranty Solution”.

Collision and Paint

We are industry pro’s at Collision and Paint. We perform on ANY make and model vehicle on today’s market. We use Sikken’s Paint. We warranty our paint for not a year, not ten years,  but a lifetime!

Sikken’s Paint can be matched perfectly to the original manufacture colors. Sikken’s is superior because of the finish. Skilled painters have the ability to control the paint better, leaving a seamless, flawless finish. If you are thinking about restoring your BMW, let us give you an estimated cost that will fit with your budget  without scrimpping on the workmanship. We know how important it is to have your car look and perform like showroom new. We’ll make every effort to achieve your end goal.


Our technician’s are transparent and professional. We hire only ASE certified employees and we use only the highest grade products and diagnostic tools to get lasting results. Nothing but the best for our BMW family members.

Insurance Quotes

Are you needing to have your car estimated or repaired to keep your insurance company satisfied? We will give your insurance writer a quote for repair without charge or we’ll repair the vehicle and make every effort to stay within your claims perimeters.

Quality of Workmanship

We believe that you get what you pay for. When you drive a quality car, nothing but the best will do. Our equipment is state of the art and free of fault. Pampering your vehicle while it’s in for service is  standard practice for the Bimmer Shop.

Secure Facility

Leaving your vehicle overnight? We will be sure to protect your Bimmer in a secured and safe area. Our Staff will treat your car like it’s a precious jewel. No worry about it’s safety. As an extra precaution be sure remove all personal belongings in your vehicle  preventing enticement.


Why do we specialize in BMW?

While we have the ability to work on other makes and models, we are dedicated to honor the automotive leader. We believe this brand deserves the most orthodox treatment we can give. The history of this car alone has intrigued us from the beginning. From 1951 and the first Post-War Model, to present day, the BMW brand has grown tremendously. Even with older model BMW’s you can see the detail in every inch of these high performance machines. Every BMW is balanced at a perfect 50/50 % which creates it’s strong grip on the roads we drive. Each design and feature lends to detail. We are always excited to see the new models released. However, there is shock and awe with even the older grand-dad of these cars. These continue holding the regal standards they did decades go. We will continue to embrace the BMW name and all the future innovations. There are many reasons why we chose to support this company and the solid machines that they build. Our biggest reason why… There’s just nothing else like a BMW.